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5. How to Setup a Dashboard

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Customizable modules that provide a snapshot of Rounds and Revenue, Weather and Tee Sheet Utilization.

  1. Click “Add New Page” to set up a dashboard. This is a one time step that can be repeated for multiple dashboards.

Rounds & Revenue Module

View reservations, rounds and revenue for yesterday, last week or last month. Use the advanced mode to compare one day to any other day for analysis. Can also be configured to make weekly and monthly comparisons.

Weather Module

5 day weather forecast powered by Weather forecast is based upon the golf course zip code.

Revenue at Risk Dashboard

Demonstrates demand levels by day part and correlates open tee times to revenue. Set up custom day parts and utilization percentage thresholds. With a single click, you can go from this module to the Update Tee Times page which will be filtered to show the tee times you want to change.

  1. Initial Set Up: Select the facility and day part then set up custom utilization alert levels. All of these can be changed at a later time if needed.
  2. After the initial set up you will view the Revenue at Risk report. Toggle between different dates or use the calendar to choose any day you would like. You can only view out as far as the tee sheet shows availability.
  3. Click “Reliability” in the upper left hand corner under the total tee sheet utilization to update the start time, end time and interval so that it reflects the tee sheet and shows accurate day part analysis.
  4. Under “Take Action” click Update Tee Times to make changes to your live tee times within that day part.