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6. Utilizing Autoloads

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Create a schedule of recurring future tee times based on pre-set parameters. Changes to the autoload will only impact tee times that do not currently exist in Update Tee Times.

Manage Autoloads

Manage existing autoloads once a rate set has been selected. Choose between the following:

  1. Edit – Make changes to an existing autoload. Note this will only impact tee times outside of the booking window. Use Update Tee Times to edit live tee times.
  2. Copy – Duplicate an existing autoload to a different or current rate set.
  3. Disable – Stop a current autoload from continuing to populate new tee times.
  4. Delete – Delete the autoload. By deleting you lose the ability to copy it or reactivate it in the future.

Create Autoload Period

Choose a rate set and then click the “Create AutoLoad Period” button to build a brand new autoload.

  1. Create a name.
  2. Choose between a “Standard” and “Override” type.
    • Standard is used for long term or seasonal rates.
    • Override is used for short term specials, maintenance alerts, closures and holiday rates.
  3. Choose a release type.
    • In the “Tee Time” release type each tee time will have it’s own line that can be edited.
    • In the “Range” release type the autoload is set up using time ranges. This should not be used by golf courses that are not interfaced with GolfNow.
  4. Choose a start and end date.

Add a Tee Time

When release type is set to “Tee Time”. Click “Add a Tee Time” and one line will appear. Continue clicking to add more lines or use the duplicate feature once you have set up your tee time attributes.

Add Multiple Tee Times

When release type is set to “Tee Time”. “Add Multiple Tee Times” allows many tee times to be added at one time using a selection or generate option.

  1. Click “Add Multiple Tee Times” and choose between two different ways of adding tee times.
    • Select Tee Times: Choose the precise tee times you wish to add. You also have the option of adding all tee times or all tee times within specific hours of the day.
    • Generate Tee Times: Add multiple tee times throughout the day based on start time, end time and tee time interval.

Add a Range

When release type is set to “Add a Range”. Use the range function to create an autoload using time ranges instead of individual tee time lines. Allows for fast set up and easy editing.

  1. Click “Add a Range” and a line will appear with a start and end time. Continue clicking until you have enough lines to account for each day part.
  2. Set the start time and end time for each line.
  3. Set the number of tee times per range. To include all tee times in the range, type “all”.

Edit Tee Times

  1. Any tee time can be edited by clicking and changing a single cell.
  2. Select and edit a cell in the master row to change all tee times or all selected tee times below.
  3. The “Actions” column allows tee times lines to be deleted or duplicated.

Release Tee Times

  1. Select “GolfNow Websites” to release tee times only to GolfNow and it’s affiliate websites.
  2. Select “Custom Release” to send tee times to GolfNow and a custom booking engine or just your custom booking engine.