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7. Utilizing Auto Adjust

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When added to a tee time an auto adjust will automatically adjust a tee time’s rate, player rule or release group based on days or hours in advance of the tee time. Auto adjusts can be added to a tee time in the autoload or in update tee times.

Manage Auto Adjust Schedules

Manage existing auto adjust schedules once a rate set has been selected. Choose between the following:

  1. Edit – Make changes to an existing auto adjust schedule.
  2. Copy – Duplicate an existing auto adjust schedule.
  3. Delete

Create Auto Adjust Schedule

Click “Create Auto Adjust Schedules” and follow the steps below:

  1. Title the auto adjust. Create a name that will allow you to identify it from a drop down when adding to your tee times.
  2. Click “Add a Rule”. You can add as many rules to one auto adjust as you would like.
  3. Set the parameters for the auto adjust. The  only fields you must fill out are Days/Hours Out and Days of the Week. The rest are optional based on the adjustment you would like to make to your tee time.
  4. Click “Save”.

Apply an Auto Adjust Schedule

Once an auto adjust has been created it can be added to any individual or group of tee times in the autoload, load tee times, or update tee times.

  • Please note: when adding an auto adjust to tee times in Update Tee Times, retroactive changes will not occur. Ex. A 4 day out auto adjust will not change the pricing of a tee time that is 2 days out.