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8. How to use Rate Fences

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Keep rates within a desired time frame. Required for interfaced golf courses that do not post every tee time on the tee sheet.

Rate Fences can be located in the AutoLoad Schedule or under the “Rate Fences” heading in Rates & Inventory.

Create a Rate Fence

Click “Create Rate Fence” and follow the steps below:

  1. Title the Rate Fence.
  2. Select the type. “Standard” is a long term schedule with no end date. The end date will automatically populate when a new rate fence is created. “Override” is a short term schedule that has a set start and end date.
  3. Set the start date (and end date if setting up an override). See above.
  4. Click “Add a Fence” as many times as needed. A fence is needed anytime there is a change in rate throughout the day.
  5. Click the days of the week that should included. Dark blue indicates the day of week is selected.
  6. Click on the time line to add a fence. You can click directly into the time box to edit.
  7. If needed, use the magnifying glass to zoom out and choose later times.
  8. Click “Save”.