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Creating a new employee

Step 1: Employee Information
  1. Go to System Settings then Employees.
  2. Click New Employee.
  3. First Name: Enter the employee’s first name.
  4. Last Name (Optional): Enter the employee’s last name.
  5. Gender: Select the employee’s gender.
  6. Email: Enter the employee’s email address. If you want this employee to receive email notifications from the system, this is the email address that GolfNow One will use
  7. Create Login for this Employee (Optional) Recommended: Check the box to create a login that connects the employee to a G1 user account. If you check this box, you’ll add login information in Step 5. Logins can also be created separately and connected later.
  8. Type: Select Freelancer. The Freelancer type is unrelated to compensation.
  9. Status: This field is useful when an employee leaves your business. For now, just leave this as Active.
    • Specify Employment End Date
  10. Contact Information (Optional): Enter the employee’s contact information. – To send the employee SMS internal notifications, enter a Mobile Phone Number, check SMS, and choose a Provider. Click Continue.

Step 2: Compensation & Benefits

The Compensation & Benefits page that appears next is where you set up how the employee is paid. The information entered in this tab determines how data is calculated in the Payroll Report. GolfNow One has many ways of handling compensation, the most popular methods being Flat Hourly and Commission.

If you are not using G1 to track payroll, select None in Pay Type and click Continue. If you would like to use G1 to track payroll, please call our partner cares team at 844-800-4653 (GOLF) to discuss utilizing this tool.

  1. Group: Select the Group the employee belongs to, if any.
  2. Pay Type: Select one and enter amounts.
  3. Pay Type Classes/Workshops: Complete this section if you offer classes and/or workshops.
  4. Pay Type Products: Complete this section if you offer commission for retail product sales.
  5. Vacation Days: Enter how many vacation days the employee can take in a year.
  6. Sick Days: Enter how many sick days the employee can take in a year.
  7. Personal Days: Enter how many personal days the employee can take in a year.
  8. Employee ID: Enter the employee ID for payroll purposes.  The information entered in this field will populate in payroll reports.
  9. Exemptions: Select Has Dependents and enter the number of dependents or select Exempt.
  10. Click Continue.

Step 3: Select Services
  1. Click Continue.

Note: You can skip this step by not checking any services and clicking Continue. 

Step 4: Default Schedule

This section is where you add the employee’s regular weekly schedule. The page contains a line for each day of the week where you can enter his/her hours for that day. You may have biweekly schedules, or your employees’ schedules vary month to month. You’ll be able to make these adjustments later. For now, just enter your standard schedule by using the drop-down menus.

  1. Day Type: Use the Day Type drop down menu to select Workday or Day Off. Vacation Day, Personal Day, and Sick Day are also available, but are more likely used for week-to-week schedule changes.
  2. Work Hours: Use the Start Time and End Time drop down menus to select working hours. For example, if the employee’s works from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. that day, select 9:00 AM from Start Time and 5:00 PM from End Time.
  3. Lunch: You don’t have to enter the employee’s lunch hours here. You can always block out time day-by-day if it suits your business. If this employee does have regularly scheduled lunch hours, use the Start Time and End Time drop down menus to enter the time. This time will be blocked out on the calendar and labeled Lunch.
  4. Click Continue when the employee’s schedule is completed, if Create Login for Employee was selected in Step 1. Otherwise, click Finish.

Step 5: Create Login

Create a login for the employee. Appears if “Create Login for Employee” was selected in Step 1.

  1. First Name: Enter the user’s first name.
  2. Last Name: Enter the user’s last name.
  3. Email: Enter the user’s email address. Email is also used to send “forgot password” links.
  4. Roles: Select user role(s) that best fit the employee’s responsibilities and how he/she will use GolfNow One.
  5. Optional Permissions: After selecting user role(s), set optional permissions that appear below. Some roles do not have optional permissions.
  6. Default Page: Select the starting page the user will be directed to once logged in.
  7. Username: Create a username.
  8. Password: Create a password. This needs to be a minimum of 8 alpha numeric characters including a capital letter, lowercase letter, number and special character.
  9. Retype Password: Retype the password for security.
  10. Allow Universal Login: Select Yes to allow the user to log in from any location. Select No to restrict access the user can only log in from the IP address(es) specified in System Settings > Security.
  11. Require password change at next login: Check this if the user is not present to set their own password and you would like it to be changed the next time he/she accesses the system.
  12. Click Finish.

Step 6: Application Setting

This section allows users to do three things: designate a server name that will display within the tablet as well on their receipt print outs, assign a 4 digit pin number used for Quick Login, and assign a specific register.

  1. Server Name: Enter a name the Employee is comfortable with displaying within the tablet and on their guest receipts.
  2. Pin Number: Enter a unique, 4-digit pin to be used for Quick Login.
  3. Assign Register: Select the register that was created for the employee.
  4. Select “Continue” to complete the employee creation.
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