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Adding hours of operation & closed dates

Adding hours of operation

To enter your hours of operation for the first time:

  1. Navigate to System Settings | Location Info.
  2. Click the pencil icon next to Hours of Operation to edit. This will open your Regular Schedule. You can also select specific weeks from the “select week drop down” menu.
  3. Select Open Times and Closed Times from the drop down menus for each day of the week. You can also use the Copy Previous Day links for faster entering. If your business is closed on a day, just leave the day blank.
  4. Click Save.
Add closed dates

Your closed dates are any special days outside of your regular schedule in which your business is closed, like national holidays. No reservations can be booked when your business is closed that day. It’s a good idea to enter closed dates at the start of each year. To add closed dates:

  1. Navigate to System Settings | Location Info.
  2. Click the pencil icon next to Closed Dates to edit. The Edit Closed Dates page will open.
  3. Click “Add Closed Date.” Select your first closed date from the Closed Date calendar.
  4. Enter a description for the closed date, such as the name of the holiday. This will appear to customers.
  5. Click Save. Repeat for each day your business will be closed.
Update hours of operation / closed dates

You can add or edit closed dates and change your hours of operation any time in System Settings | Location Info.

For Hours of Operation, you can change your Regular Schedule or select a specific week from the drop down menu. Please note, if you change your hours of operation or add closed dates, be sure to update each employee’s schedule in the Schedules tab or in their employee profile so they will not be available when your business is closed.

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