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Adding images to social campaigns

  1. Click the menu icon in the top right, choose “Marketing.” 
  2. Select “View” under Campaigns.
  3. In the top right-hand corner of the “Campaigns” module, select “Create New Campaign.”
  4. Navigate to the “Social Media” tab. 
    • If you haven’t linked your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, switch the toggle to “On” and authenticate your respective account.
    • Please note, if you are only sending a social media campaign, ensure the other tabs have “No” toggled for sending a campaign (i.e. Email and Text Message).
  5. Select either the Facebook or Twitter tab.
  6. Enter the message that you would like to post in the open text field.
  7. To add an image to your social post, select the “Add Media” button.
  8. If you have already uploaded an image, select it from the image selector modal. If you have not previously uploaded an image, click “Upload” and choose an image from your computer.
  9. Once the upload completes, click “Add Media” again and you will see the image listed in the modal window.
  10. Click on the image you want to include in your post.
    • Please note, Facebook currently supports single-image posts, while Twitter will support multiple (up to 4) images.
  11. To remove an image, double click on the attached image.
  12. Once you are finished drafting your message, click “Next Step: Schedule and Review.”
  13. If you would like the message to be posted immediately, click “Send the campaign NOW!” If you would like to schedule the campaign, click “Schedule the Message” and set up when you would like it to be posted, then click “Save & schedule the campaign.”
  14. If you would like to track this campaign after sending, click the “Sent” tab under Marketing | Campaigns.