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In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup minimums in Reservations using the new Advanced minimums feature.  These minimums will be easily viewable from within the customer’s profile, as well as other reports.

How to setup Advanced minimums

  • In GolfNow Reservations, navigate to the Setup tab. Click on Minimums, then Advanced.
  • Click New, and type in a name for the minimum.
    • General tab
      • Edit the name and choose the sales item that will be charged for the minimum shortage. Also set the minimum to active, as well as if you want tax and gratuity to be applied toward the minimum.
    • Periods tab
      • Click the yellow star to create one or more minimum periods.
      • Once you have created a period(s), enter a start date, end date, minimum amount, and whether or not you want it to be posted. Hit the green Refresh button to update.
      • Marking a Period Posted is the equivalent of saying that the period has been “settled” – charges applied and it’s now closed.
    • Billing Classes tab
      • Choose which billing class(es) you would like to apply to this minimum.
    • Item Categories tab
      • Choose which categories you would like to apply to the minimum.
      • For example: food, beverages, alcohol, but not green fees or merchandise .
    • Payment Media tab
      • Choose a payment media that, when used for an applicable item, will apply towards the minimum.
      • For example, it only counts toward their minimum if they pay with account, not credit card or cash.
    • Machines tab
      • Choose which POS machine(s), when utilized to ring up an item, that the minimum will apply to.
      • For example: food bought in the golf shop does not count, while that same item bought from a food and beverage machine would count toward the minimum.
  • Click Close. Once the minimum has been configured, it can be applied either through the Automated Billing or Billing Wizard.
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