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Cash Payins & Payouts

This functionality is used to document any cash that goes into or out of the drawer not related to a sale or return. An example of a payout might be taking out cash to pay a contractor or unexpected expense. An example of a pay in, would be increasing the drawer float. These exchanges need to be documented for the drawer to balance at the end of the day.


  1. Navigate to the ‘Orders’ tab and ensure the proper register is selected
  2. Click ‘Cash Register’ near the top
  3. Depending on the transaction type select payins or payouts from the tabs listed
    1. Payin is money going into the drawer
    2. Payout is money coming out of the drawer
  4. Click the blue ‘New Payment’ text
  5. Select the employee, list the amount, and the date of this transaction
  6. You can use the comment box to list any other details
  7. Hit ‘Submit’
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