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Charging membership fees

Recurring membership fees can be charged in bulk by using the Membership Billing Report. All members must have a credit card or credit balance on file to charge membership fees.

Charge membership fees
  1. Go to the Reports tab and click Membership Billing Report.
  2. Select fields in the Search Criteria to populate customers to charge.
  3. Date Range: The dates when customers can be charged based on purchased payment plans. Membership fees can only be charged when an upcoming payment is scheduled.Hint: Select This Month from the drop-down menu for monthly fees. This will populate a list of memberships scheduled to be paid this month.
  4. Select the customers to charge.
    • To charge all customers, check the Select All box on the top left.
    • To charge a few customers, check individual boxes.
  5. Click Charge Selected.
  6. Click Start Job to confirm you would like to proceed with the membership charges.
  7. Wait for the charges to process. This may take a few minutes depending on how many customers need to be charged.
  8. When the bulk charge is complete, you will be redirected to the report with a confirmation indicating how many charges were successful.

Skip charges

Skipping membership charges removes memberships scheduled for payment until the next billing cycle. Only customers with available forms of payment in the Charge to column can be skipped.

  1. Select the customers to skip using the check boxes.
  2. Click Skip (Do Not Charge) Selected.
  3. Click OK in the warning message that appears.
  4. All skipped customers will appear in the Skipped (Not Charged) filter.
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