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Copying a special

Copying an existing special is a quick way to create a new special in your system. After you copy a special, you can make changes to the information already filled in, such as the name, duration, employees who can perform it, and more. To copy a special:

  1. Navigate to the Marketing tab, then Specials.
  2. Find the special you want to copy in the list.
  3. Click Copy in the Actions column. This will open the New Special page. All of the attributes, dependencies, and other information about the special you copied will be retained.
  4. Edit any of the Special Information fields. Please note to change the special’s code. Every special must have a unique different code; no two specials can have the same code. If you want to use the same code for the new special, delete the special you copied, create a new special, and enter the code.
  5. Click Save and Continue.
  6. Complete the dependencies, change any if you wish, and click Save and Continue > until the special is created.
  7. Click Save.
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