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Creating a credit account

A customer credit account is a payment type that allows an account or prepayment balance.

Creating a credit account for a Customer
  1. Navigate to the Customers Tab | Search for Customer | Billing Tab.
  2. Complete the following:
    • Select YES for Enable Credit Account.
    • Select YES to make the credit account the default payment type for this customer’s order. (not required)
    • Enter in the credit limit.
    • Enter in the % of the customer’s credit limit to reach. This will be utilized when you charge the customer for the outstanding balance.
      • NOTE: capacity must be between 5% and 95%.
    • Enter a credit card that will be used to charge customer. (not required)
    • Use the “share credit account with” field, if this account will be shared with others (ex. family members).
    • Click “Add to List.”
    • Add any additional people to the account that will be shared. Click “Save” when complete.


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