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Creating a discount special

  1. Navigate to the Marketing Tab | Specials | New Special.
  2. Fill out the information to create a special.
  3. Select the Date Range (if applicable).
  4. Select Applicable Date Range.
    • NOTE: Selecting an applicable date range limits the special so it can only be redeemed if the customer checks in/out within the range. An applicable date range is useful if you want to provide an incentive for reservations/orders completed at slow or off-season times.
  5. Select Time of Day Dependency (Optional).
    • NOTE: Selecting a time of day dependency limits the special so it can only be redeemed at certain times of the day. This is useful if you want to drive business during off-peak times.
  6. Select Day of Week (Optional).
  7. Select Special Items.
  8. Enter Discount Information.
  9. Set Combination Rules.
  10. Confirm Special.
Reporting Specials

Specials are automatically reflected in the sales reporting. You can track how many times a special is used by running the Special Code Usage Report.


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