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Creating an order

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  1. To start, open up the G1 tablet app. Log-in using your G1 credentials.
  2. To create a new order, click on the “Shop” button. This will open the orders screen.
  3. To view your menu, click on the icons on the left hand side of the screen. This will expand your course’s menu, allowing you to select your menu items. Your menu items will be sorted alphabetically.
  4. Once you select a section of the menu, the left menu bar will be hidden. This allows you to utilize the full screen for your menu items. We are going to select “Cheeseburger.”
    • Please note, the following icons which will denote either “Add-on” or “Forced” modifiers.
      • Wrench icon: This icon denotes that forced modifiers are associated with the product.
      • Plus icon: This icon denotes that add-on modifiers are associated with the product.
  5. We are now brought to our “modifiers” screen, which allows you to select the cooking temperature, cheese selections, and more. We are going to select “Medium” and “Sliced Cheddar Cheese.”
  6. Next, you can add a note to the order – which will print out on the “kitchen ticket.” We have an additional area for a “Fire Message,” which can be used for allergies as an example. The Fire Message will print in red to the kitchen ticket. Once complete, click “Save.”
    • Please note, to update the Notes or Fire Message on an item, swipe left on the item in your order. Select the pencil icon. Complete updates, as applicable. Click “Save.”
  7. You can add additional items to the order, and once completed – click “Save.”

Modifiers screen

Editing modifiers and order notes

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