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Creating & managing orders

Creating a new order
  1. Navigate to the Orders tab.
  2. Add a new product either from the Quick Add list, scan your item, or use the search filters.
    • Search filters method (pictured, below):
      • Utilize the search filters to find an item.
      • Click “Add to Order” once you have found your item.
      • Repeat those steps, as needed, for multiple items to be added.
    • Scan barcode method:
      • Once the item has been scanned by the barcode, the sales item will appear in the shopping cart.
    • Quick Add list method:
      • This list is utilized to easily access the items you sell the most. This is the defaulted view on the Orders tab, and you can navigate to your Quick Add list through the Department drop down menu.
      • To add the item to the shopping cart, click on the “Add to Order” button associated with the item.
Assigning a customer to an order
  1. Navigate to the Orders tab.
  2. To add a customer to an order, click the pencil icon next to “Walk-In Customer.”
  3. Search for the customer by Customer name or Membership card #.
  4. Select an existing customer from the drop down or click the person icon to add a new customer (must have first name, last name, phone or email).
Save an order for later
  1. You can save an order at any time by completing the following steps:
  2. Click the blue “Save for Later” button, located at the bottom of the order screen, to save the current order.
  3. Utilize the “Saved Orders” drop down on the top right of the Order screen to pull that order back into the shopping cart.
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