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Creating and using "Cost +" specials

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Creating a “Cost+” special

  1. Navigate to the Marketing tab within your G1 location.
  2. Under Marketing, click on “Specials,” then “New Special.”
  3. Create a name for the special, i.e. “Cost + 20.”
  4. Select “Multiple Use” and configure a code for the special (i.e. Cost20). Click “Save and Continue” and navigate to Step 3.
  5. Select when users can apply this special. Please note, this will likely be set from the current day to the furthest date in the future. Click “Save and Continue.”
  6. Choose a limit where the special can only be redeemed during certain hours of the day, if needed. Click “Save and Continue.” Next, choose a limit where only the special can be redeemed during certain days of the week, if needed. Click “Save and Continue.”
  7. Specify what the special can be applied to. We recommend unchecking the “Apply to all” box, which will give you several options to limit what the special can be applied to (i.e. merchandise). 
  8. Click “Save and Continue.”
  9. Select “Apply Cost Plus” from the drop down selection box (below).
  10. In this example, we have entered 20% in the percentage box (customize for your facility’s needs). Click “Save and Continue.”
  11. Select if you want to stop this special from being used in combination with other specials. Click “Save and Continue,” then “Confirm New Special.”

Cost + special example setup

Utilizing the “Cost +” special

  1. On the Orders tab, add your items to an order. You will see a drop down box, if there is at least one item within the order that can have a special applied. 
  2. Select the special from the drop down and then click the green (+) to apply the special.
    • The special will only apply to the items within the order that are configured for the special. This example (right) references the configured Buy Price of an item and adds 20%.
  3. Close out the order. 

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