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Creating promo codes

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  1. From the top right menu, select “Marketing.”
  2. Next, select “View” under “Promotions.”
  3. Click the green “Create a new promotion” button in the top right.
  4. You will then be taken to the “Create Promotion” screen.
  5. Complete the following:
    • Promotion code: This is what customers will type in the booking engine to receive a discount, this can only contain letters and numbers
    • Type: Standard or Unique
      • Standard: All customers will have the same promo code
      • Unique: Each customer will have their own promo code generated for them. The code can ONLY be generated through an email campaign
    • Date range: Date range that the promotion in valid
    • Time range: Time range this promotion in valid – All Day or Manual setup
    • Day of the week: Days of the week the promotion is valid
    • Note: This note will be visible to customers when they enter the promotion code (optional)
    • Restrictions: Place limit(s) on the way this promotion can be redeemed
      • Restriction Quota Limits: Control the maximum number of bookings or rounds that this promotion code can be used against
      • Number of players per reservations: Control the player quantities that you would like this promotion code to be valid for
    • Discount: Amount you would like to discount your tee times – Percent or Flat Rate
  6. Click “Create Promotion.”

Please note, you can view your expired and deleted promotions respectively under the “Expired” and “Deleted” tabs.