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Editing a cash close

  1. Navigate to the Orders tab
  2. Select the “Cash Register” option
  3. Select “Closeouts.” This will display all the recent closeouts within G1
  4. Use filters at the top to find the closeout you need to edit
  5. Click the pencil to the right of the closeout that needs to be edited
  6. This will bring up a window where you can edit the following information for the closeout:
    • The period that it should be attributed to
      • Please note, if you are shortening the closeout period, you will need to perform an additional closeout for the newly created gap in time (example below)
    • The starting cash amount
    • The end of day amount
    • Next day starting cash
    • Add and/or edit a note
  7. When finished, click Save
  8. The original close will now only have a magnifying glass next to it so it can be view
  9. The new edited close will now be listed directly below in a tree style format

Example: Original closeout from 12:30pm on 7.25.19 – 10:00pm on 7.25.19

  • If that closeout is edited to 12:30pm on 7.25.19 – 5:00pm on 7.25.29, the user will have to provide information for an additional closeout which will cover from 5:01pm on 7.25.19 – 10:00pm on 7.25.19
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