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Creating gift certificate templates

  1. Clicking on Marketing at the top of the G1 platform, then Gift Certificate Templates
  2. Select “Add Gift Certificate Template” in the upper left
  3. On the next screen, give the new template a name. Click Save and Continue
  4. You’ll notice the basic required fields are already present. These will auto populate when the certificate is issued
    • You can click and drag them to other locations, if you prefer
    • After clicking on a field, you can edit the color by clicking on the icon in the upper right of the Edit box
    • The Cancellation Policy can be edited within the System Settings screen
  5. On the left-hand side, you can add an image to the certificate template. Select one from the available images, or upload a new one of your own
    • Click on “add image,” then browse to the image and upload
    • Click on the image and drag it into the template where you’d like it to reside
  6. You can insert additional optional fields by clicking and dragging them into the template
  7. Once the template is to your liking you can:
    • Click “Preview” in the upper right and a preview of the certificate will open in a new tab
    • Click “Save” in the upper right to save your template and continue editing
    • Click “Save and Close” to add the template to the list
  8. Click Edit for your newly created template and click the box to Sell at Location
    • You can also uncheck this for any default templates you won’t use to clean up the list when issuing
    • You are only able to delete templates you have created
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