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Enabling and utilizing squeeze times

Utilizing squeeze times on the tee sheet
  1. Navigate to the Tee Sheet tab.
  2. Click the “Squeeze Tee Time” button located above the Master Row.
  3. Please note, if that button is not shown, you will need to enable this feature through the following: System Settings | System Configuration | Toggle Yes to enable Squeeze Times.
  4. Fill in the information for the squeeze time. If you’d like to create a squeeze time for all 18 holes, check the “Create Turn Time” box when creating the squeeze time.
  5. Click “Add.”


  1. Check boxes of two times on the tee sheet
  2. Select “Squeeze Tee Time”
  3. A squeeze time will automatically be created halfway between the two selected times along with a squeeze turn time (if applicable)
To remove a squeeze

To easily remove a newly created squeeze time, we recommend blocking that time on the tee sheet. This will stop the time from being available to book online as well as locally.

If you want to fully remove that time from the tee sheet, you will need to utilize the Configure Tee Sheet section of Systems Settings. For more information on how to utilize this section, visit

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