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End of day procedures

  1. Navigate to the Orders tab and click into the “Cash Register” button.
  2. Choose “End of Day” tab and confirm the “Close Out To” date.
  3. Select “Run.”
  4. Enter in your “Starting Cash” that the register opened with, the “End of Day Cash” that is in the register (includes the opening amount), and the “Next Day Starting Cash” that the register is expected to open with for the next shift.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click “Close Out” to finalize the cash close.
  7. You have the option to Print a cash close receipt, if applicable.

End of day (EOD) reporting
  1. Proceed to the Reports tab.
  2. Search for “Cash Register Close Report” or select “Custom” from the reports menu. Click on the report.
  3. Select the date range you want to run the report for and proceed to “View Report.”
  4. A summary is displayed showing the amount available for deposit and the over/short for the closed registers.
  5. Each register closed is displayed by date and organized by time the register was closed. Clicking into one of the closes will bring up a detailed view for that register close.
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