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G1 Inclusive Taxing

Allows the course the right to choose whether to use Inclusive or Exclusive taxes on their items at the same time while improving some of the existing G1 code to making tax calculations on Orders more efficient

  • To utilize this feature, navigate to the System Settings menu
  • Click on the Taxes page
  • Select a tax to edit or create a new tax
  • When configuring the tax, select ‘Inclusive’
    • This means when a product is created, the amount entered into the price field will be the total amount charged to a customer including tax
    • Typically, this is used when tax needs to be collected and an even amount is desired as the price collected

  • When finished, click ‘Save’ in the lower right corner
  • Things to note:
    • Inclusive and Exclusive taxes cannot be used at the same time | All Inclusive taxes must be inactive before Exclusive taxes can be used and vice versa
    • When Inclusive taxes are used tax-exempt customers are always going to be taxed
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