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How do birthday specials work?

If you offer birthday specials, the special will be automatically added to any customer’s order if the reservation is booked within a specified amount of days from his/her birthday.

If a customer is eligible to receive a birthday special, a birthday icon will display next to his/her name on the orders page.

Create a birthday special

You can create as many birthday specials as you want. To create a birthday special:

  1. Navigate to the Marketing tab, then Specials.
  2. Click New Special.
  3. Create a special for a discount or add-on.
  4. In Applicable Date Range, select Customer Birthday.
  5. Check the checkbox and enter the + / – days dependency (see below).
  6. Click Save.

+ / – Days Dependency

If a day value is entered in a birthday special, the customer can redeem the special within those days both before and after their birthday. There is no option to select one or the other. In the example below, a customer can redeem the special 7 days before or 7 days after his/her birthday.

Please note: To redeeem a birthday special, the customer’ birthday must already be entered in the Details tab of his/her customer profile. So, if you’d like to offer birthday specials, it’s a good idea to always ask customers for their birthday when they book a reservation or check out.

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