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How to add Green Fee Rates to your tee sheet

First, click on the Tools tab located on the top navigation bar.


Next, click on “Green Fee Rates” on the left side of the page.


Next, to add a Green Fee Rate to your tee sheet locate the the Green Fee Rates box as shown below and follow these steps:

  • Select the Start Date and End Date
  • Select the Start Time and End Time
  • Select the Category the rate fits into
  • Add the name of the rate to the Sub-Category field (ex. 18 holes w/ cart, Senior, etc.)
  • Add a Code that is up to six characters in length (ex. If Sub-Category is 18 holes w/ cart, then Code can be 18HC.)
  • Add the rates within the weekday fields
  • Click the Add button to save the rate


The rates you Add to your tee sheet will appear above as shown below. From the Actions column to the right of each rate, you can Copy, Edit or Delete an existing rate.


Once back on the tee sheet, here is how the newly created Green Fee Rate would display.


Or in the Booking Details Screen