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2. How to Update Live Tee Times

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Update Tee Times

Filter LIVE tee times for immediate change. Changes made here will only impact tee times that are currently live and within the booking window.

Select a Rate Set

A rate signifies the different types of inventory for a golf course (ex. Resident, Senior, 9 Hole, etc).

  1. “All Rate Sets” allows you to view all tee times for the golf course and make a common change (ex. adding an aerification or course alert).
  2. “Custom Set” allows you to choose multiple rate sets to view and make a common change.
  3. Choose a single rate set to view specific inventory and make changes that will only impact that one rate set.

Select Tee Time Search Criteria

Set the search criteria for the tee times you would like to view and edit. ALWAYS hit “Search” after changes have been made to the search criteria.

Update Tee Times – Single Cell

Make changes to cells one at a time. Change the results per page to view all tee times on a single page.

  1. Click into any cell to make a change. Simply type in the new values or choose from the pick lists.
  2. After a change is made the field will be shaded yellow to indicate a change has occurred.
  3. Click “Update” to save your change(s).

Update Tee Times – Mass Update

Make the same change to multiple tee times at one time.

  1. Click “Mass Update”.
  2. Click the drop down next to any heading to make a change. Note: Rack and Online rate can be increased/reduced by a set amount allowing tee times of different values to be changed by a common amount.
  3. Use “Select From Grid” to if you want to select only a few tee times within your larger selection.
  4. Click “Update” to save your change(s).