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I can’t apply a special to an order

If a special is missing from the Apply Special drop-down menu on the order page or if you’re having trouble applying a special, an Admin or user with Marketing permissions should check the special’s settings for a few common issues.

Find the special and troubleshoot
  1. Navigate to Marketing tab, then Specials.
  2. Find the special in question.
  3. Click Edit in the Actions column.
  4. Check the booking date range: Was the reservation booked within the date range selected?
  5. Check the applicable date range: Does today fall in the selected range?
  6. Check the time of day dependency: Does the current time fall within the range?
  7. Check the day of the week dependency: Is today one of the days of the week when the special can be redeemed?
  8. Check the special items: Are the items in the customer’s order in the list of applicable items?
  9. Check the combination rules: Does the special conflict with any other special applied to the order?

If the answer to any of the questions above is “No,” the special cannot be applied because the reservation doesn’t meet the dependencies, or criteria required for the special to be valid.

Resolve the issue

To resolve this issue, adjust the settings and attempt to add the special again, apply a different special, or override the price without adding a special.

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