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Setting up Inventory alerts

Customers can send automatic email and/or SMS alerts to help their business keep track of inventory & stock levels.

  1. Check Employee Profiles for phone numbers and email addresses.
    • Every employee who will receive inventory alerts should have a profile in System Settings | Employee with a phone number and email address. Each profile should be tied to a login.
  2. Change Internal Notification Settings.
    • Navigate to System Settings | Internal Notifications.
    • Find the Inventory Alerts section and check the types of user roles who will receive inventory alerts and select if they will receive by email and/or SMS messages. You can also enter an outside email address.
  3. Add Stock Levels and Inventory Alert Settings for Products.
    • Find your products within the Products Tab.
    • Fill out the applicable information: Low, Reorder, PAR, and Out of Stock check box.
    • Click Save.
    • Repeat for each product that needs an inventory alert.

NOTE: Use the bulk override products feature to set alerts for multiple products at once!

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