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iPad – CC Paperless Tips

Paperless Tips (turned on)

  1. Select credit card as the payment type when beginning to close out the order
  2. Make sure the screen says that the Swiper is connected.
  3. Swipe the credit card.


  1. After swiping the credit card, you will have this screen displayed. Turn the screen toward the customer.  They must choose a tip amount or no tip.



  1. Once they choose a tip amount, this screen will appear.  They can sign with their finger.  Once they are done signing, they must click the done signing button.  (If they make a mistake on signing, they can clear the signature and start over signing)



  1. Once the signature is complete, you can spin the ipad around and click on the “thank you.”  (this is an easter egg done on purpose so the customer will not know what to do here)




  1. After clicking on the “thank you”, you will be taken to this screen.  You have three options at this point, two of which will be commonly used.
    1. Print the receipt.
    2. Clear the credit card (only used if they want to change payment methods)
    3. Close Order (most common)

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