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Issuing a gift card

Issuing a gift card

G1 has the capability to manage multiple gift card programs, which can help you organize values that were issued as tournament winnings, true gift cards, special holiday promotions and more.

Creating and editing gift card programs

  • Navigate to the Systems Settings screen.
  • Select “Gift Programs” at the bottom of the General Settings section on the left.
  • On this page, you will see one default program created for your location, in addition to any additional programs requested.
  • To change a name or inactivate a program, select the pencil icon next to the program.
  • Additionally, you can create a new program by clicking the “New Program” button. Enter in the program name and mark it as active, which will allow you to utilize the program within the Orders tab.
    • Please note, if you do not see the “New Program” button, your gift card programs are likely managed at the Brand level.

Issuing a gift card

  1. Navigate to the Orders tab.
  2. Assign a customer to the order (if applicable) and add order items
  3. Click the GC/Series/Account tab
  4. Select “Gift Card” on the left side panel
  5. Select the appropriate program from the drop down list for the issued gift card
  6. Click into the customer box to search for a customer to attach this gift card to
    • Once issued, this gift card will be stored in their profile as a ‘payment on file’
  7. Enter in a message, To and From fields (if applicable)
  8. Fill in the required items:
    • Assign an expiration date
    • Assign the Gift Card #
    • Assign the amount
  9. Click “Add to Order.” Pay out the transaction as normal

Printing a gift card

  1. Find the order within the Manage Orders screen
  2. Navigate to the Order History page where you are given the option to email or print the gift certificate
  3. Find the order in Orders | Gift Certificates/Cards. This is where you will be given the option to email or print the gift certificate
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