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Moneris PIN pad workflow (desktop)

  1. Navigate to the Orders tab.
  2. Add items to the shopping cart.
  3. Select the Credit Card payment tab.
  4. Select “Add Payment.”
    • Please note, the “Amount” field defaults to the order total, however it can be edited if the customer wishes to use multiple payment methods (pictured, bottom left).
  5. The PIN pad will now display the order amount to the customer with the message “Purchase $X.XX OK?”
  6. If the PIN pad has tipping enabled, the customer will then be prompted to add either a dollar amount or percentage tip.
  7. The customer will then be prompted to add their payment.
    • Please note, the payment window within G1 will display “Loading” while the POS waits for the customer to complete the PIN pad process (pictured, bottom middle).
  8. Upon PIN pad approval, G1 will display the payment (and tip, if applicable) within the payment window. To close the order, the user must finally select “Close,” “Close and Print,” or “Close and Email” (pictured, bottom right).

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