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Monitoring Pace of Play

The Starter/Ranger module will give you the information you need to enter on the Ranger sheet and assist in ensuring a good pace of play.

Starting a round

  1. When a golfer goes to the 1st tee and begins to tee off, tap the blue BEGIN symbol on the right side of the screen and the tee time will automatically be entered

Pace of Play

  1. To view actual start times, navigate to the blue box above the scheduled tee time. If the “Finish Round” icon does not appear, scroll down to it
  2. The START time will be entered when the Starter taps BEGIN. If a START time does not appear on the screen, tap the down arrow in the blue overlapping circles above the BEGIN column. The screen will refresh and the start times up to that point will appear
  3. If you notice a group coming off the 18th green, you may tap on the FINISH button to enter the time
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