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Product Hierarchy: Location vs. brand managed

Product Hierarchy can be managed at either an individual course location or at a larger brand level. As a note, if your course is part of a larger multi-course operation (MCO), your course is most likely managed at a brand level.

Where to find location managed Product Hierarchy

For individual courses, with no centralized management, Product Hierarchy is managed from within System Settings under the General Settings menu.

You will now notice an option titled “Product Hierarchy” at the bottom of the list.

Where to find brand managed Product Hierarchy

Product Hierarchy for larger multi-course operations is managed in one location from within Brand Settings under the General Settings menu. With this setting, all of the courses will have a brand managed Product Hierarchy. Additionally under System Settings, you will see the following message: “The product hierarchy for your facility is managed at the brand level.”

Please note: all changes made to the Product Hierarchy for brand managed courses will affect ALL courses associated to that brand. While you can view the Hierarchy in System Settings, changes MUST be made at the brand level.

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