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Release Notes 01.14.20

In the link below, you will find full release notes that include newly added improvements to the G1 platform from our latest release.

  • New year new G1! Today we release a refreshed Credit Account Statement with new functionality that allows for the following:
    • Added the concept of Payment Periods so that accounts can be charged based on a specified period instead of having to pay the entire balance
    • Refreshed the look of the Credit Account Statement to include more details on the transaction history of the account and customer information
    • Updated the Print Statement view to format for printing and folding into envelopes if desired
    • Separated the Credit Account Statement Bulk Charge into three areas that better define the actions of Generating Statements, Charging Statements, and viewing Statement History
    • We now send the Credit Account Statements via email through the Manage GOLFNOW Central marketing platform which allows the return address to show as the course email
  • As part of our Credit Account Statement updates we have added a “Credit Account Settings” section under System Settings. Users will be able to input the address field for the “Remit Payments To” and “Terms and Conditions” sections of the Statement
  • We have added eRange compatibility to G1 and users will now see the following updates to setup and use the eRange integration:
    • A new section under System Settings for Third Party settings, where users can input the username and password for their eRange account
    • A new Third Party area when creating or editing a Product that allows users to set each Product as an eRange product
    • When adding an eRange Product to an Order that G1 will generate a pin code that will display and print on the receipt (one pin code per eRange Product)

G1 Release Notes – January 14th, 2020

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