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Release notes 2.21.18

In the link below, you will find full release notes that include these newly added improvements to the software from our latest release.

Key takeaways include:

Cash Register: End of day

  • NEW! Added an option to enable “Pop-up and Email alerts” to notify users when a cash register is used to process orders on multiple days without a cash register close. To enable this option, navigate to System Settings > General Settings.


  • NEW! Updated the print order for credit card receipts so that the merchant copy, which requires a signature, prints first.
  • NEW! Added ability for users to designate a default receipt configuration for credit card orders. To enable this option, navigate to Areas and Cash Registers > Select “Edit” for applicable Area > Receipt Settings.


  • NEW! Added the ability to designate customers as tax exempt. All orders for these customers will be calculated tax-free. To designate customers as tax exempt, navigate to Customer Profile > Billing Tab > General Billing Information.

G1 Release Notes – February 21, 2018

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