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Setting up recurring tee times

  1. Navigate to the Tee Sheet tab.
  2. Ensure you are on the correct date.
  3. Check the starting tee time check box.
  4. Hold down the SHIFT key and click the last tee time check box to select multiple tee times.
  5. Once the multiple tee times have been selected, use the Master Row to fill in the booking information.
  6. Next, utilize the “Weeks” column to select the number of weeks you want the tee times to repeat.

Please note, if you are reserving times in the early morning or afternoon and select 52 weeks out, you may receive an error stating that times are not available. If you do, this most likely is due to Daylight Savings Time and those time are not available. If you do receive this error, none of your reservations will be made. Please make sure the times exist before making multiple week bookings.

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