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Setting up the auto gratuity feature

Auto Gratuity is setup and managed within the System Settings screen within G1.

  1. Select “Auto Gratuity Settings” to manage existing auto gratuities or “New Auto Gratuity” to open the Auto Gratuity creation wizard.
  2. Next, fill in the name and description of your Auto Gratuity. As a note, use a description that includes a detail of exactly how the auto gratuity will be utilized.
  3. Click the Next Button.
  4. The next screen allows a user to specify rules that will be applied to the auto-gratuity by filling in the following forms:
    • How much would you like the gratuity percentage to be?
    • Apply to Discounted or Original Price?
      • This indicates whether auto-gratuity will be calculated based on discounted or original item price in the event that a special discount is applied to an order.
    • Should auto-gratuity apply to a minimum number of guests?
      • This allows the user to specify a minimum party size in order for auto-gratuity to be applied.
      • Ex. Indicating a minimum number of guests as 5 would be that this auto-gratuity will only apply to parties of 5 or more.
    • Do you want to set up a minimum for an order?
      • This allows the user to specify a minimum order total that must be reached before auto-gratuity will apply.
      • Ex: Indicating a minimum amount of $100 would mean that auto-gratuity will only apply to orders of $100 or more.
  5. Click the Next Button.
  6. The following screen allows the user to specify whether or not the auto-gratuity is taxable.
    • Selecting “Yes” prompts the user to choose which taxes apply to the auto-gratuity. Different tax types can be configured and managed through Tax Types within the System Settings Menu.
  7. Click the Next Button.
  8. The following screen prompts the user to select whether the auto-gratuity applies to all customers or only certain member types.
    • Selecting “Yes” allows the user to specify which memberships the auto gratuity will apply to. Different Membership Levels can be configured and managed through Membership Plans within the System Settings Menu.
      • Selecting “All” indicates that all members will receive this auto-gratuity.
      • Selecting “Some” allows the ability to highlight which memberships auto-gratuity will be applied to.
      • Selecting “None” indicates that no members will be subject to this auto-gratuity. Instead, non-members will be subject to the auto-gratuity.
  9. Click the Next Button.
  10. The following screen allows the user to designate which products and/or services the auto-gratuity will apply to.
  11. Different Packages and Services can be configured and managed through System Settings.
    • Select “Add New Option Set” to begin the process.
    • The user is able to specify “All, Some, or None” when selecting categories of items.
    • In the example to the right, you can see “some” products selected, which them allows the user to specify that “All” Food & Beverage products should be included.
  12. When finished, the user will be prompted to name the group of products and/or services selected.
  13. Selecting “Done” completes the auto-gratuity set up process.
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