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Taking inventory manually

Option 1: Printable inventory forms

Please note, this acts as a partial inventory. The quantity will remain the same for items not edited.

  1. Navigate to the Products tab | Take Inventory.
  2. Click Enter Inventory Manually.
  3. Use the filters, as needed.
  4. Click Print Current View. This generates an inventory form you can preview, print and hand to anyone who will be will counting the inventory.
  5. Back in G1, enter the written inventory amounts in the empty fields in the Inventory Column.
  6. Click Submit Inventory Now.

Option 2: Upload a CSV file
  1. Ensure you have your current inventory levels to record.
  2. Open a new file in EXCEL.
  3. In Column A, list every barcode of every product in your inventory.
    • Please note, you can quickly copy/paste the barcodes for each product by running and exporting the Inventory Valuation Report.
  4. In Column B, list your current inventory count for each product.
  5. Save the file as CSV file type.
  6. Back in G1, go to the Products Tab | Take Inventory.
  7. Click Choose File.
  8. Find the CSV file and click Upload File.
  9. Click Import and Replace Stock Levels.
  10. You will be taken to an inventory upload page with the status of your upload. The upload should take a few minutes depending on a number of products being uploaded. If the status hasn’t changed in a few minutes, refresh the page.
  11. The software will indicate when the upload has been completed.
  12. Any errors, or products that did not successfully update, will be counted in the INVALID field. To review those unsuccessfully updated products click View Errors. An EXCEL file will download where you can resolve those errors and attempt the upload again.

Transferring / Adjusting Inventory (quick inventory adjustment)
  1. Navigate to the Products tab.
  2. Search and locate the product you will be transferring to a different location.
  3. Select the product.
  4. Click “Adjust Inventory.”
  5. In the Adjustment drop down, select Remove.
  6. In the amount box, type in the amount that you are transferring.
  7. From the drop down, select the reason “Transfer to Location” (or another applicable reason).
  8. If transferring inventory to a new location, you will need to select the location it is moving to.
  9. Click “Adjust.”

Please note, keep in mind that inventory will need to be adjusted at the other location to show the new inventory.

  1. Repeat the beginning steps at the location receiving the inventory.
  2. Select the item and click Adjust Inventory.
  3. In the Adjustment drop down, select Add.
  4. In the amount box, type in the amount you are receiving.
  5. From the drop down, select the reason “Transfer From Location.”
  6. Select the location that you are receiving the inventory from.
  7. Click Adjust.
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