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Taking payment and completing an order

The following process reflects the new order work-flow, which is launching in early May.

  1. On the Orders tab, add your items to an order. 
  2. Once you have added all of your items, select your Payment Method (cash, credit card, etc.).
  3. Add the payment to the order. 
  4. If Tips are enabled for the area, add a tip (if applicable) and/or print a receipt for a signature. Select “Continue.”
  5. If Tips are not enabled for the area, you will be navigated to the Receipt options. 
  6. Select the Receipt option (if applicable). Receipts will print according to the area’s receipt settings.
    • Re-print receipt: This option will re-print a copy of the itemized receipt
    • Email receipt: This option will allow you to email a copy of the receipt to the customer
    • Return to Order: This option allows you to return to the order to make additional edits
  7. Select “Complete” which will return you to the Orders tab.

Updating Area Receipt settings

When setting up area’s receipt settings, navigate to System Settings | Area Settings | Receipt.

Enable Tips

  • Check off if cash registers in this area will collect tips. This will prompt for tips in the closing order workflow that can be bypassed, as needed
    • Using a pin pad? Users will be prompted for tips on the pin pad

Open Register Drawer

  • Check for each payment type to prompt registers to pop during the close order workflow
    • If “Itemized Receipt” is checked, that receipt option will print
    • If “Itemized Receipt” is NOT checked a small “pop drawer” receipt will print

Default Receipts

  • Check off which receipts will print automatically during the close order workflow
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