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Tournament pay-in and pay-out

  1. Create a Gift Card – i.e. credit book
    • Create an order with no customer associated.
    • Add a $0 gift card to the order, then close the order.
    • Please note, the “number” field accepts alphanumeric characters, and should be used to name your gift card. For example: Gift card #: MENSLEAGUE.
  2. Pay-in
    • In this example, each golfer that is checking in will pay $5 towards the prize fund.
    • While checking in the golfer, select the “GC / Series / Account” tab. Select Gift Card.
    • Enter in the applicable “number” (i.e. MENSLEAGUE), the amount, then check the box labeled “Add to existing card.” Click “Add to Order.” Select your payment type, then close the order.
    • The gift card now has $5 assigned to it. Repeat these steps as more golfers check in for the tournament.
  3. Pay-out
    • Locations can choose to pay out to credit accounts, gift cards, or free products. In this example, we will pay out to a new gift card.
    • Add the customer to an order, then select the “GC / Series / Account” tab. Select Gift Card.
    • Enter in the new gift card number and the pay-out amount.
    • Next, select “Add to Order.”
    • You will now select the “Gift card / series” payment button (present icon). You will now be prompted to enter in the gift card number (i.e. MENSLEAGUE).
    • Click “Lookup GC number.” Enter in the payment amount, then select “Add Payment.”
    • Repeat this process to payout the remaining winners from the prize fund.

Please note: Gift card (credit book) balances can be checked via the Orders tab | Gift certificates / cards.

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