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Uploading Customer Profile Picture


  1. Pull up a customer’s profile within G1
  2. Click the silhouette box on the left-hand side of the profile
  3. Click on ‘Choose File’ in the dialogue box that appears in the middle of the screen
  4. Browse to the picture file you wish to use for their profile and click open
    1. Please note, the picture must already be taken. It will not import directly from a camera
  5. Click “Upload”
  6. Use the box to select the portion of the image you wish to use then click ”Finish”
  7. You should now see the image saved in that customer’s profile



  1. Pull up the customer’s profile
    1. From the Tee Sheet tab, search for the customer to pull up their profile
    2. From the Orders tab, a customer must be added to an order first before you can pull up their profile
  2. At the top of the profile, click the “Add Photo” icon
  3. This will open the camera app on the iPad for you to take a photo of the customer
  4. Use the crop box if necessary then tap “Use Photo.” This will add the image to their profile
  5. If you have no other changes to make to their profile, tap close to exit and return to the order.
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