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Utilizing loyalty rewards and points

Loyalty rewards
  1. Navigate to Marketing tab.
  2. Select Loyalty Rewards.
  3. This will give you an Loyalty program overview.

Loyalty points


  1. Navigate to the Marketing Tab | Loyalty Rewards.
  2. Click the pencil edit icon for Loyalty Reward Settings.
  3. Enable Loyalty Rewards.
  4. Setup Award/Points.
  5. Enable Advanced Settings = Allows to allot different points for specific actions. Select yes to grant the ability to set different point values. It will appear after saving.

Viewing Points on the Customer Profile:

  • On the first screen you will see the reward points number.


  1. Select Payment on File.
  2. Select Loyalty Points (would put in all loyalty points applicable).
  3. Pay out as normal.
  4. To specify a certain amount of points to redeem, click the More tab on the payment screen.
  5. Type in the desired amount redeemed.


  1. Loyalty Points Liability Report (Reports Tab).
  2. Filter a Customer Report (Customer Tab).
  3. Manage Customers | Customize View | Check off the Loyalty Points checkbox.
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