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Utilizing the green fee rate tool

To create a green fee: Navigate to System Settings > Tee Sheet Settings > Green Fee Rates. Click “Add a Green Fee.”

You can also setup the following through the Green Fee Rates section of the software.

Multiple availabilities per Green fee

In G1, you can create multiple availability slots within one green fee rate. This will provide more flexibility to have different rates for different times of the day without the need to have separate green fee rates.


Overrides give you the ability to change the rate of a green fee for a particular time or date without having to edit the existing green fee. An override will always supersede the rate it is overriding. This is particularly useful when you may want to change a rate for a public holiday – providing you with more control over your green fee rates, while also allowing you to manage them in a quicker, easier fashion.

Default rate

You can also set a default green fee rate within the G1 system. This is the rate that will be added to players on the tee sheet, by default, if there are no other rates setup for the player based on the customer group or membership type.

This feature has been added to streamline the process of adding players to the tee sheet. You can only have one default rate setup at any given time, otherwise, the tee sheet would not be able to auto select an appropriate green fee rate.

Associating a cart to a green fee

The ability to associate a cart directly to a particular green fee is also available.

Selecting the drop down from the “Include Cart” option will allow you to specify a cart for that particular green fee rate. When a cart has been associated to a green fee rate, the designated price of the green fee will include the price of the cart product in the order.

Please note, in order for cart(s) to be available for selection, the Cart must be created as a product.

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